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Unique Tournament Atmosphere

When you walk into your first Ship The Cash event, you immediately feel the energy! No matter where we are, we turn the house lights down low and jam out to a great selection of music!

Even if you've never played pool before, you'll enjoy the vibe of the room. We're here to have a good time, and that's just what we do!

Tournament Series Details

All Ship The Cash tournaments are open to amateur and professional players. The main difference of this tournament compared to most others, is there are no handicaps, yet anyone can win. The format is rack your own, alternate break 9 ball, races to 2. The 9 ball is racked on the spot and it counts on the break! The best player can lose to the worst player, simply because of the format. There have been many upsets in the preliminary tournaments, further supporting the format's basis. Bottom line, it works!

Big Cash / Low Commitment

At Ship The Cash, we provide very different ideals as compared to the tournaments you're used to. We offer players a low-commitment approach to win BIG!

No more long, stressful days with small cash prizes to win. Ship The Cash is a fast paced, exciting addition to the scene offering multiple ways to compete for the BIG dollars!

Grande Finale Tournament

Weekly Events

Ship The Cash holds events every week! We bring the action to different areas to share this unique new format with everyone. The Ship The Cash crew brings not only the tournament, but we bring the music AND the action! Players of ALL skill levels travel with this movement and they KNOW how to get things going!

In addition to the main event, we offer mini tournaments, cash games, and other ways to win cash and prizes. Ship The Cash is without a doubt the way to go for ANY pool player.

Weekly Tournaments

Wednesday Night Action!

Snookers 53 Ashburton St. Providence, RI

Every Wednesday night, players travel from all areas to experience this amazing event! We draw 40 players on average each week!

The tournament format is as follows:

  • 9 Ball - Even Race to 3
  • Rack Your Own
  • 1 Racks On The Footspot
  • Alternate Break
  • Double Elimination
  • 9 Ball Counts in Top 4 Pockets
  • B+ players and below: $20
  • A- players and up: $30

*Unless noted, any player can compete in Ship The Cash Events.

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Main Event Tournaments

All Ship The Cash events are a lot of fun, however the Main Events are where we really SHIP THE CASH!

The Main Events are comprised of  1 to 2 days of tournament play, mini-tournaments, cash game action matches, games and raffles.

These events are primarily held at Snookers in Providence, Rhode Island or Bo's Billiards in Warwick, Rhode Island. Both are beautiful pool halls with plenty of room to accomodate larger fields!

Ship The Cash is ALWAYS changing things up and bringing innovative new formats and games to pool. You can bet you've never experienced billiards in this way before.


Ship The Cash Main Events offer mini-tournaments for all poolplayers. 100% payback!

Amateur Minis

Amateur only. All players race to 2, alternate break 9 ball. $20 buy in, single elimination. Grouped by skill level. Win 2 consecutive matches, get $80!

*$5 fee for non-members

Open Minis

Open to all players. All players race to 3, alternate break 10 ball. $50 buy in, single elimination. Win 2 consecutive matches, get $200!

*$10 fee for non-members


Tournament Rules

Rack your own
Break from anywhere behind the head string

3 consecutive fouls is a loss of game

Players must lag for break - no coin flip
No jump cues - your break cue can be used (no short stick, no scooping)

If you are caught sharking, distracting, or otherwise deemed acting inappropriate, you will warned 1 time
If you are caught acting innappropriate a 2nd time, you forfeit your match
If you are caught a 3rd time, you are disqualified and forfeit any winnings/entry fees, etc.
Cell phones or any electronic devices are not permitted during matches - 1 warning
If you accidentally move a ball - you MUST ask your opponent to move it back or leave it where it is
If you accidentally move 2 or more balls - it is a foul
If you accidentally move 1 ball in the process of a shot, it is a foul
Any ball knocked off the table is left down and it is a foul

You must make 4 object balls contact a rail. Pocketed balls count toward the total.
If you do not strike the rack with the cue ball, the same player re-breaks. If you do not execute a legal break after striking the rack - your opponent re-racks and breaks. Incoming player will break the next rack also! (You do not lose your break)

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"The New Way To Play"

I'm sure you've gone to a tournament where it's so quiet, you can hear a stomach rumbling from 2 tables down. The guy complaining about a bad rack and his buddy that clears his throat 6 times a minute. Meanwhile, "Louie Loud Mouth" is showing off his vocal range, yelling "Whutchu wanna do?" to a player in a match on table 4. It's terrible. Those same tournaments have the brightest lights available, turned up to where you can make out a facial expression from the opposite end of the room. People stressing out every other shot as if they were forced to be there. This game is supposed to be fun, remember? Imagine walking into a party with an atmosphere like that. Pretty lame party huh?

Well, we at Ship The Cash understand that. We make sure to provide a fun, laid back environment where everyone can vibe to the music and have a good time while they compete. The house lights are turned down low and the music goes up. Pool is no longer your grandfather's game. Get out there and play!